Welcome to North Jersey Interventional Spine Center, LLC. The physicians and staff at NJISC are focused on maintaining your trust and confidence.The team looks forward to helping each patient with their painful condition in a caring, compassionate, and professional atmosphere.

NJISC opened for clinical care in the Fall of 2014.  The practice is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of various painful spine and musculoskeletal conditions.  After a decade at Columbia University Medical Center, Dr. Bandola formed NJISC to address the care needs of his hometown community of Northern NJ.

We are very proud of the relationships that we have established with our patients. We are especially honored that our patients have referred so many of their friends and relatives to our practice.

Our Mission

Dr. Bandola and the team at NJISC strive to help each and every patient with their painful condition via a multimodal approach emphasizing interventional and non-opioid strategies in a caring, compassionate, and professional atmosphere.

Understanding Low Back Pain 

Low back pain will affect nearly 80% of people at some point in their life.  Most bouts are not serious and resolve within a few weeks.  But for some, the pain can become debilitating.  15-20 years ago there were only 2 options: invasive surgery or addictive pain medications.  Neither option was appropriate nor desirable for many patients, and often resulted in disappointing outcomes.

Our Treatment Philosophy

Luckily, today there are more options.  At NJISC, we offer a modern, interventional based approach to your pain.  Dr. Bandola and the team at NJISC combine advanced interventional, minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, non-opioid medications, and other adjunctive modalities to address each patient's condition and potentially avoid invasive and unnecessary surgery.  Our ultimate goal is get patients back to doing the activities they love and enjoy!

Many of us will, and do, suffer from chronic low back and other types of pain.  There are more options.  Success can be achieved with a team effort towards a common goal.  The team at NJISC will strive to get you back to working, playing - living!

Join the team at NJISC!

Thank you for choosing us to be your Pain Medicine health care providers!

Please feel free to call us to make an appointment: 862-248-0668

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